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6-Month 1:1 Coaching Support

From Feeling Overwhelmed To Getting Your First And Next Client

And Build A Business You love.

Hey heart-centered service-based female entrepreneur!

I know you want to land your first and next clients so that you start making money in your online business right?

You want to set the foundation for a successful, long-term business so that you can start booking those first few clients and start making money online.


You want to share your message and attract the right clients to you make an IMPACT.


You want to start making money online so that you can support your family or stay at home with your kids and say YES to all the things you want in your life.


You’re done struggling to build your business and are ready to take leaps with confidence because NOW feels like the time is right.

But the problem is:  

You don’t know how to attract your first and next client to you because you don’t know WHO they are exactly.


You’re stuck creating your offer because you don’t know what your audience really wants.


You don’t know how to centre your business around your strengths and expertise without burning yourself out in the process, because you’re so confused by all the things you think you 'should' do.


You’re afraid to get visible because you don’t know how to communicate your value or tell your story to market your offer in a way that connects with your audience.

I know you want a business that is heart-centered and sustainable and I know you have big ambitions but those limiting beliefs are holding you back...

“Success is not meant for people like YOU”

This is what my dad always said to me growing up. I was born in East Germany before the Wall came down and all my life my parents encourage me to play it safe.

And all my life I tried to fit into a box that I didn’t fit in.


Instead of building my business from a place of me

I did what everybody else was doing, just to play it safe.



Instead of giving myself permission to play to my strengths

creating a message and an offer that was ME I tried to blend in.



Instead of being confident in my business and getting visible

I took one step forward and 10 backwards by not showing up.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re trying to fit in a box and your business is going nowhere... 

then I am the coach for YOU.


the reason you haven’t been able to build that successful business you want is that you've been trying to make it fit in a box it doesn’t fit it in - instead of playing to your strengths.

And I know that once you start playing to your strengths, the clients and the money will come. That’s why I’ve made it the focus of my business to help you find your strengths and build your business around it so that you attract your first clients and start making money in your online business, doing what you LOVE.

To find out if we are a good fit and how soon we can start working together.

Are you ready to create your own universe?

I know from my own experience that there’s no right or wrong way to build a business, only YOUR way. And I help you find it so that you start showing up without feeling paralysed by the fear of what others think.


I'll help you create STRATEGIES that work for YOU instead of sticking to what you think you 'should' do. Because what works for others is not going to work for you and that’s why you’ve been feeling stuck for so long.

I'll help you create that business you denied yourself for years but always dreamt of having because you know, with the right help, YOU can have it.

Instead of making your business fit in a box we create your own universe so that you start attracting your first clients to you and start making money in your online business.

(I'll help you focus on money-making activities right from the start because you can’t help anyone if you’re broke.)

Are you ready?

To find out if we are a good fit and how soon we can start working together.

During our 6-months together I help you build your

online business using my framework


We'll focus on those 3 key areas because this is the foundation you need to start getting your first clients …



In your mindset, your message, who your audience is and the value you provide in your content.



In the right offer, I help you create and how to sell it to potential clients in a way that feels good to you.



And start building relationships with your audience on social media so that they get to know, like and trust you.

Get clarity on WHO your audience really is and WHY they need you.


Find your strengths, your USP (Unique SuperPower) and build your business around it so that you are sold on yourself and stand in your power.


Create a clear message that lets your clients instantly know which benefit they get from working with you.


Tailor your offer around your expertise so that you feel excited about selling it and start making money in your online business quicker.


Get visible and market your offer with confidence on social media so that you attract your first and next client where they hang out daily and start booking discovery calls.

You’ll get

18 x 45 min Video Coaching Sessions + In Between Support


+ We’ll meet 3 weeks in a row followed by one week off for 45 minutes via Zoom

(you’ll receive a video recording and audio file after each session.

My tip: I love listening to the audio file on my phone and on my runs).


+ During our time together you’ll have unlimited access to me to answer all your questions, submit content for review etc. via chat.


Are you ready?

To find out if we are a good fit and how soon we can start working together.


For over 10 years I worked in some of London’s top advertising agencies (as well as Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, and New York) creating digital marketing campaigns to help global brands market their products with creative strategies.


I won awards for my work and loved every minute of my job helping brands reach the right audience with the right message.


Now I’m bringing all my passion and expertise together in my work as a business coach.

The same way I successfully helped global brands build campaigns around their USP (unique selling proposition) I now help ambitious service-based female entrepreneurs to find their USP (unique SuperPower) and build their heart-centered business around it so that you start attracting clients with confidence, make money and love showing up every day.


My clients experience clarity after just one session and I also helped one of my clients attract 11 new coaching client to her business after we fixed her message, her audience and her offer.

A little bit about me


“Kris has this talent to see the whole picture. Her advice lead me to the essence of my struggle that I had with building my business. She helped me to identify the most important key factors for why I was stuck, and now I am more than confident that her action steps will help me to build the business that is a 100% me! She is an absolute pro in her field and her advice is worth every penny.” 

—  Name, Title

So, if you’re ready to step into your power and build a heart-centered business around your strengths then let’s embark on this journey together.

Investment for 6 months:

USD $4,899 paid in full

(Ask me for my payment plan)

Book a free Clarity Call with me

I’m looking forward to work with you,

Kris x